Railroads Confidant OÜ is a head entity in the Railroads group of companies, each of which operates in a specific business area. The company performs strategic and operational management of companies that are part of the group in the EEC countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Our team

    Railroads is a team of highly skilled experts with extensive experience in specific fields.

    The group of companies includes strategic management, procurement, logistics, and analytics departments, legal and financial departments.

  • Major tasks

    Specialists of our company have the following tasks:

    • continuous operational monitoring of all group companies;
    • setting up new companies or acquisition of existing companies in the main areas of activity;
    • financial control and management of the group of companies.
  • Our principles and values

    The operation of the Railroads group of companies is based on general principles, including:

    • high legal standards allowing to operate in the international market and maintain an impeccable reputation;
    • complete transparency of all operations;
    • focus on achieving the best financial results and maintaining high competitiveness;
    • striving for social responsibility of the business;
    • active development and improvement of its business processes;
    • strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
    • cooperation with reliable contractors and partners to provide our customers with the highest-quality products and services.
  • Main activities

    • investing in stocks, bonds and other financial instruments;
    • operation with banking and payment systems in order to place funds;
    • production and financial management, monitoring of the supply of components for railway rolling stock;
    • production and financial management, monitoring of the supply of components for repair and construction of railroad tracks;
    • trade operations related to product sales;
    • renting out real estate.
  • Activity areas

    • EEC countries;
    • Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Project management stages

    1. Preparation and consultancy
      • Project business planning
      • Concept development
      • Preparation of technical specifications
    2. Technological support
      • Project support by a team of experts
      • Supervision of equipment installation and commissioning; monitoring of compliance with the warranty and post-warranty service standards
    3. Operational management

Our mission

The mission of our company is to develop the most transparent and fair business based on international standards. Our competitive advantage consists in a flexible response to market changes due to the highest competence of our employees. What makes us successful is the fact that we are in search for new solutions in each of the areas. We believe that in order to be sought after, we have to drive innovation and introduce the most advanced technologies and best business practices every year.

Corporate culture

We contribute to the development of a corporate culture focused on the results and the professional growth of each employee. Customer-oriented approach, innovation-driven development, and personal fulfillment of each member of our team are our core values.

We recognize that the success of the entire Railroads group of companies depends on the staff. Therefore, the company management promotes staff training and development in every possible way. Our colleagues participate in international conferences, congresses and exhibitions, where they interact with the professional community, on a regular basis.

Due to the constant business expansion within the existing areas of activity, we are open to proposals for cooperation.


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Narva mnt. 13A
10151, Tallinn, Estonia